About Us

Vivo Real Estate Group (VREG) is your turnkey source for your commercial real estate and property development needs. From concept to design, through construction to completion, we manage all aspects of the development process. Our team of experts are there to be your vital partners when planning and constructing your project. When numerous providers are involved, i.e. contractors, lenders, attorneys, etc., there is increased potential for problems. We guide you through the process of selecting the best team of experts to meet your specific needs and then oversee the progress of the work as it is completed. As a result, you can count on top quality design, construction, and cost efficiency.

  • rene-vivo-real-estate-group

    Rene  Vivo 

    | President

    Rene Vivo began his career in 1985 at the young age of 21, joining the Archie Schwartz Company, New Jersey’s largest independent industrial real estate brokerage firm. In 1991, Vivo relocated his family to South Florida taking a position as Vice President of the industrial real estate division in CB Commercial’s (currently known as CB Richard Ellis) Miami office. During his tenure, Vivo was a member of the company’s elite “Top Five” group of professionals brokers five out of eight years.

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  • evelyn-vivo-real-estate

    Evelyn  Vivo 

    | Office Manager/Sales Associate

    Miss Vivo has a corporate real estate background that includes working at various management levels at Burlington Industries, Philip Morris and Prudential Insurance Companies in the New York and New Jersey area. From 1981 through 1991, Miss Vivo was involved in various forms of managing the relocations of the company’s international executives. Miss Vivo was responsible for negotiating leases, employment contracts and very sensitive immigration documents including travel and work visas.

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  • carlos-velasquez-vivo-real-estate-group

    Carlos  Velasquez 

    | Senior Director

    Mr. Velasquez joined VREG in January of 2003; just three short months after the company had been incorporated. Mr. Velasquez is a goal oriented team player that delivers the highest level of client service and ethical standards in the real estate industry. Mr. Velasquez is one of the most experienced commercial real estate professionals with an acute local market knowledge that is second to none in the Northern Dade County – Southern Broward County market.

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  • tommy-gil-vivo-real-estate-group

    Tommy  Gil 

    | Director

    Mr. Gil began his real estate career in 2003 after joining the firm of West Vest Associates. Mr. Gil comes from a family of real estate professionals in the South Florida real estate market. Mr. Gil immediately demonstrated that he had what it takes to make it happen in the commercial real estate market. Mr. Gil is a driven, hard working and results oriented sales associate. Once something catches his eye, he will pursue it relentlessly.

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  • Raydel  Enriquez 

    | Sales Associate

    Mr. Enriquez is a Miami native with a finance degree from Florida International University. He has a deep-rooted understanding of the area and the business components that are essential in guaranteeing successful transactions. As the newest member of the Vivo Real Estate Group, Mr. Enriquez immersed himself in the market and facilitated the leasing of nearly 75,000 square feet, worth approximately $1.5 million, within the first three months of joining the firm.

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  • julissa-ruiz-vivo-realestate-group

    Julissa  Ruiz 

    | Office Assistant

    Ms. Ruiz has been a trusted and regarded member of VREG since September 2003, just one year after the company was formed. Her daily dedication and detailed mind has made a huge impact on the company’s growth and success. Ms. Ruiz’s office responsibilities include call management, listing inventory control of Loopnet, Co-Star, MLS and other sources.

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  • crystal-rodriguez-vivo-realestate-group

    Crystal  Rodriguez 

    | Office Assistant

    Mrs. Rodriguez joined VREG as a member in May of 2010. Her responsibilities include call management, preparation of contracts and listing agreements, updating and maintaining the company website, Loopnet, MLS and costar. In addition to assisting with marketing packages and brochures, she prepares commission vouchers and commission agreements.

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  • Luis  Marquez 

    | Director