Evelyn Vivo Office Manager/Sales Associate

Miss Vivo has a corporate real estate background that includes working at various management levels at Burlington Industries, Philip Morris and Prudential Insurance Companies in the New York and New Jersey area. From 1981 through 1991, Miss Vivo was involved in various forms of managing the relocations of the company’s international executives. Miss Vivo was responsible for negotiating leases, employment contracts and very sensitive immigration documents including travel and work visas.

From 1993 until 2002, Miss Vivo took time off from her career in order to properly attend to her two sons and newly arrived daughter. In November of 2002, Miss Vivo returned to the workforce and assisted in setting up all the vital office systems that where necessary in order to open the doors of Vivo Real Estate Group. Those same systems along with new innovations introduced over the years are still in place today. Miss Vivo is 100% responsible for the day to day operations of all the different operating companies which extend beyond VREG.

In 2005, RV Management & Consulting, Inc was formed to provide professional property management services for VREG’s growing client’s needs and personal portfolio of properties acquired by VREG principals. Miss Vivo is currently responsible for over 450,000 square feet of managed commercial, industrial and corporate office space in Dade County Florida. As the head of VREG finances, Miss Vivo is the most vital part of internal operations at VREG. Miss Vivo brings to VREG the knowledge and experience required to run the company business like a well oiled machine.

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