Rachelle Fernandez

Portfolio Manager - Processor

Rachelle Fernandez is a pillar of expertise in the capital markets, specializing in fostering and managing relationships with lenders, clients, and vendors. At the heart of Vivo Capital Markets, she excels in overseeing transaction documentation, ensuring that every process aligns seamlessly with capital market operations.
Rachelle’s deep understanding of commercial financing allows her to work efficiently with various domestic and international clients, skillfully navigating multifaceted transactions. Her dedication to enhancing client experiences is evidenced by her outstanding record of surpassing client expectations, particularly in managing high-pressure commercial transactions with stringent lender requirements and tight deadlines.
The scope of her work continues beyond there. Rachelle’s adeptness in handling both owner-occupied and investment transactions across various ownership structures and lending programs has given Vivo Capital Markets a significant edge in the market. This proficiency has been recognized by leading national and top-tier financial institutions, who consistently laud her for her diligence and unmatched ability to meet, if not exceed deadline expectations.
Currently, Rachelle is augmenting her already impressive skills by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance at Florida International University. Her impeccable attention to detail, expertise in managing lender and client relationships, and commitment to excellence make her a linchpin at Vivo Capital Markets.

Bilingual: English and Spanish